Portable direct push system

Pushing DMT inside existing warehouse

When an owner wants to renovate an existing structure, the geotechnical engineer often needs to evaluate the strength and stiffness of the bearing soils.  Unfortunately, the structure usually blocks access for conventional soil testing equipment and he has difficulty measuring the properties of these soils.  We have developed a portable direct push system that can move through a 32-inch wide door opening to access the ground floor concrete slab next to the structure’s footings.  Our system only needs headroom of 7 feet to effectively operate.  After coring a 4-inch diameter hole through the slab, we can bolt our system to it using 0.5 inch diameter bolts and Hilti anchors.  Our portable system has a thrust capacity of 10 tons and we can perform either CPT or DMT with it to measure the soil’s properties.

Portable direct push system pushing DMT at George Mason University swimming pool