Virginia ASCE Geotechnical Meetings

In August 2009, Roger Failmezger attended a planning meeting in Denver sponsored by the Geo-Institute of ASCE.  The purpose of the meeting was to encourage geotechnical groups like ours to join the Geo-Institute.  At our October 2009 dinner meeting, we decided to join.  We prepared By-Laws and received an endorsement from the Virginia Section of ASCE.  In February, the Geo-Institute approved us as a chapter.

Each year we organize three to four professional dinner meetings.   Our speakers are leaders in geotechnical engineering and share their technical knowledge with us.  The meetings are held in nice restaurants, whose food is on par with the quality of the speakers.  Typically 25 to 50 engineers attend the meetings.  If you wish to be on announcement list, please email roger@insitusoil.com.  Shown below are the announcements and presentations from previous meetings.

New Measurements Attack Old Problems
Richard L. Handy, Ph. D.

Seepage and Piping in Dams
Ray Martin
, Ph. D., P.E.

Rock Slope Remediation in the British West IndiesThomas L. Brandon, Ph. D., P.E.

Estimatation and Measurement of Earth Pressures in Piedmont Residual Soils
J. Brian Anderson, Ph. D., P.E.

Recent Advancements in Geopier Technology and Dynamic Compaction Technologies
Michael Cowell, P.E.

Unsaturated Soil Mechnics–
Introduction and Application
Tariq Hamid, Ph. D., P.E.


December 2006

Roller Compacted Concrete for the
Norfolk International Terminals
Ira Brotman, P.E. 

March 2007

The Future of Civil
Bill Marcuson, Ph. D., P.E.


April 2007

Dynamic Testing For All Piles
Paul Bullock, Ph. D., P.E.


November 2007

Dynamic Pile Tests

Marine Geotechniques—from
Exploration to Design in
1 to 1000 feet of Water
Tom McNeilan


March 2008

Sustainability and His Goals for ASCE
Dave Mongan, P.E.

May 2008

Intelligent Compaction for
Earthwork Control
Dave White, Ph. D., P.E.

January 2009

Pervari Hydroelectric Dam and Landslide
Ray Martin, Ph. D., P.E.


March 2009

Use Statistics, Testing and Remediation
to Reduce Pile Foundation Costs
John H. Schmertmann Ph. D., P.E.

Trends in Geotechnical Instrumentation
Steve Pennington, P.E., P.L.S.
Pierre Gouvin, President

The Future of Civil Engineering –
Civil Engineering in 2025
Mr. Blaine Leonard, P.E., D. GE, F. ASCE