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Our Mission

To enable engineers to provide better professional design services and to save owner's construction dollars, In Situ Soil Testing, L.C. performs high quality tests and provides comprehensive analyses of soil parameters.  This website contains many references for Geotechnical, Structural and Civil Engineers to quickly find technical information about In-Situ tests and their design applications.(Which In-situ test should I use--a designer's guide)

Company Profile

Founded by Roger A. Failmezger, P.E., F. ASCE in 1995, In-Situ Soil Testing, L.C. started with the purchase of a DMT/CPT truck originally owned by the University of Florida and designed by Dr. John Schmertmann (history of truck by Dr. Schmertmann).   It was the first direct push truck in North America and still operates well today.   The company has expanded significantly and owns a wide variety of in-situ soil and rock testing equipment.  We routinely perform dilatometer, cone penetration, pressuremeter (soil and rock), borehole shear (soil and rock), and ko step blade tests.  Unlike other firms who recommend only one test,  because that is all that they own and can do, we recommend the most appropriate test(s) for your project's needs. 


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